Thursday, 15 August 2013

Day 4 - Geometry Fun!

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract

Let’s continue to see how the CPA approach is being put into practice when teaching and learning math...

1. Whenever introducing or teaching basic shapes (square, triangle, circle and rectangle), there is a need to provide concrete shapes for the children to touch and manipulate.

2. Children can also learn to measure the area of shapes using geoboard!

I have always felt that learning to measure area is tedious. After today's session, I have learned a new way to find out the area of different shapes formed on the geoboard.

I have geoboard in my classroom and the way of manipulating this material in my class was to form different shapes or pictures using rubber bands on it.

I can further challenge the children (the advance children) to count the area of the shapes that they formed by providing a simple square as a unit for them to count with. Just like what we did in class.  

Form any shapes with a dot in it and then count the number of square units needed to form that shape.  
Create different shapes and figure out the area. Try this! Have fun playing on the Geoboard!

Geory Pick came up with the Pick's Theorem. He tried out and compared different shapes. He then created a formula for measuring the area of different shapes.

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