Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 5 - calculating angles through CPA

Visualization is the word for today!

I agreed that the competency to visualize needs to be nurtured from young. How to train the children to visualize?

1. Exploring and playing with materials (e.g. playing tangram)

2. Having opportunities to handle and manipulate materials of different textures.

3. Before teaching the concept, allow time to play and explore first. Allowing children to discover something related to the concept before being taught.

Two problems were done in class. We were given the task to find the angles given.

Using the concrete approach makes the result more visible to me.

When it comes to visualizing, I needed more time to analyse.

The way we were taught math from young were really structured. It was through rote learning. Now I could see how learning can be effective when teaching starts with exploration of the concept first. With that we see why that certain formula works for the concept. Just like why the 3 angles in a triangle formed 180 degree when added together.

The concrete method: When I cut the 3 corners of the triangle and then place them together, they formed a straight line, which is 180 degree (like a half circle)!

Last but not least, the five important points to remember when teaching and learning math are, Generalization, Visualization, Metacognition, Number Sense and Communication (When we talk and discuss the problem during the process and also to explain how we came up with the solutions)!

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